It’s a new app on the marketplace. Although it looks pretty much like my origin timers, it’s a different app from another auther¬†without the fluent odyssey ui. Just fyi.


About the trial version of timers

Some user reviewed that since the last update they cannot use timers anymore as there is only one timer available.
How about purchasing the app for $0.99 for an unlimited number, gettings updates for free and never have to pay again???

Timers 2.0 is coming

With 2.0 you ar no longer limited to 3 timers and can create as many as you want. The functionality how to set a timer has changed and I’ve removed the padlock simulation. But with the new digit input it is almost as fast as with the padlock mode.
A running timer now also shows a progress bar while running to see how many time has elapsed refered to the total duration. There are new sounds in hi-fi and each timer can have it’s own sound or even none. The vibration is also individual for each timer.

Version 2.1 will be available with Mango and support background notification, which means that you get even alerted when the app is not running.


Timers 1.1 submitted to marketplace

Version 1.1 continous each timer when the app exits and restarts and does and has also a new way to set a timer with a numeric keypad in addition to the previous and quick combination lock method.

About Timers

Some people reported that Timers does not work or that it is difficult to set a timer.
Maybe they did not understand the usage of Timers.

a) Timers is not a stopwatch, so if you just press the start button, nothing happens unless you set a start time from which the timer will count down.

b) Setting a start time is very very easy and fast compared to other methods, and actually very intuitive: You set the time the same way as you would set a combination lock – You just touch a number and drag it up or down. The vertical space is sufficiant to reach every number between 0 and 9. I really experimented with different input methods, and the combination lock appeared to be the must effective.

Others reported, that Timers does not run in the background. This is not totally correct. By default it does not, due to restrictions of windows phone 7 which says, that the user must explicitly allow an application to run in the background. You can enable this feature when you go to the settings page and enable it there.

Currently, Timers does not keep the current time if you exit it but that’s a feature many users would like to have, so in the next release this functionality will be available together with an optional keyboard to set the start time for those who have trouble to use the current combination lock method.
What’s currently not possible is

a) Show the expired time in a tile. Although WP7 supports push notifications, the tile is not guaranteed to be updated immediately and it could take upto 480 minutes to update, which means that if your timer is set to a short range, this would eventually not update your tile at all!