Bug in Passwords does not allow to edit/create a password or open the sync settings

I was searching a very long time to reproduce this bug.

The reason is, that there are 2 localized resources missing in the us-EN resource file, although they are in the xaml by default!

Until the update is available, there is a simple hotfix do make it work:

Just add german as a secondary language:

=> Control Panel/Clock, Language, and Regions/Language
Because I have these two languages installed, it always worked for me.

Just an example:

<Button x:Uid=”RemoveButton” Content=”remove” MinWidth=”100″
Margin=”-4,20,0,0″  Background=”{StaticResource AccentBrush}”   />

What was missing here is a RemoveButton.Content key in the en-US resources with the value “remove”. It was only present in the german de resource. If you have a secondary language, it is first looking at the English resource, and then on the secondary resource (de). If it is missing, It does not even produce an exception but simply does not navigate to the page with the missing resource key!


btw… the WP8 update that introduces WiFi sync  is also on it’s way…



The new update for Windows 8 is available which introduces sync over your local network together with other new features and optimizations.

The update for WP8 which also enables local network sync is now ready to be submitted. Since the WP8 update requires a new SkyDrive key format (base64), I had to wait until the W8 update is out.

I also noticed a bug with the W8 update which does not allow to create custom fields as described, but the update for the update is already waiting…


If I have time, I will also update the WP7 version for SkyDrive/Peer sync, but I cannot promise. You still can sync with W8 using backup and restore over SkyDrive or by using the free Windows App (not the Windows Store App).


Passwords Pc: New Version available

There is a new Version for Passwords Pc available at



  • Compatibility to read backups created with Passwords for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
  • Sync functionality with skydrive to sync between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 over Skydrive.
  • Improved Skydrive access: SignOn is required only once.

Passwords 8

I’m very suprised how many have already purchased Passwords 8. The trial period is not even over yet!

Thank you very much!


I’m now concentrating on the windows phone 7 and pc version to integrate with windows 8 and sync as well as new windows 8 apps like news reader (with a very fast master-details switching), shopping lists and epguides.
After that I continue on Passwords. I already have ideas of interesting features which I don’t tell  now because I don’t want anyone to copy my ideas. I will also try to make Passwords 8 faster. It’s not slow right now, in fact it is already optimized for tablets and faster than most of other apps in the store but I think I can do more…


Meanwhile some tipps:

  • Passwords 8 has a history and tracks every change on every password. If you go to the details of a password you can see the history when you open the application bar
  • You also can access and restore deleted passwords at the main page with the “recycle” button in the app bar.
  • There is a password generator available for password fields. Just tap the key icon on the right inside the edit page.
  • If you like to have your passwords grouped by category, then open the charm menu (Win+C) and enable it in the Settings/Options menu. They are disabled by default because the slow down details->master navigation a little bit and might look confusing if you have only a view passwords and see the same password several times on each category.


Passwords 8

It’s now available on the windows app store here:


You can import from existing password backups or import vom keepass, passwordsafe or anything that supports one of their xml format. You can also import backups into windows phone 7, but you’ll have to wait for the windows phone 7 update, or the new windows phone 8 app. The new backup format has an increased security. It’s also possible to sync you passwords between windows 8 and windows phone 8 over skydrive. with a windows phone 7 update and a windows desktop update this is also going to be supported there.

There is a little difference compared to  previous desktop/phone app because there are no templates any more. They are now replaced by groups as you know them from contacts or wallet in order to have the same experience. You still can create custom categories but not yet custom fields, although you can import custom fields from existing backups. I removed them because I didn’t find an elegant way to integrate them into the workflow of windows 8 yet. Which does not mean that they are gone forever. It’s only the very first windows 8 release! more to come…



Today I discovered a bug:
Snapped mode does not work in main view. This happened when I made some adjustments to trial mode. I’m submitting the correction now.

what’s next

  • Passwords8 for Windows App Store is in the certification process and should be available in a view days. It supports english and german and is compatible with the existing Passwords apps.
  • Passwords for Windows Phone 7 is getting an update in order to read the new backup files with enhanced security which are created with Passwords 8. This should also be available within this week
  • Passwords8 for Windows Phone 8 is rolling out this week. It is optimized for Windows Phone 8 and slightly redesigned to fit with the Windows 8 App and  also supports skydrive sync. It will reach the App Store within this week.
  • Passwords for Windows Phone 7 is getting another update to also Support skydrive sync (end of this year)
  • Passworsds for Desktop is also getting an update to create and read the new backup files and Support skydrive sync as well (end of this year)


  • News Reader for Windows 8 will be available in 1-2 weeks. It will Support reading of most RSS and Atom feed formats and it will be the fastest Reader in the app store which does not require some seconds to navigate between master and Details!
  • EpGuides for Windows 8 is expected to be awailable at the beginning of January 2013
  • ShoppingLists for Windows 8 will come at the first season of 2013 as well as a new Windows Phone 8 companion




Fixed: Skydrive is currently not working for passwords

That’s because for testing, I temporarily changed the Redirect URL on the maintanance web site, but as a Redirect URL is no longer available for the Live Control, I cannot set the URL back to the previous value. Therefore an Update for Passwords with the latests Live Control is on it’s way to solve the problem.

Update (2012-07-11):

The Phone Update is now available and I just added a new Desktop App for download here: http://sdrv.ms/Nmfrwl

You don’t to uninstall the previous Version, just run the Setup. You’re existing database should not be tampered but nevertheless, make sure to have a backup available.