what’s next

  • Passwords8 for Windows App Store is in the certification process and should be available in a view days. It supports english and german and is compatible with the existing Passwords apps.
  • Passwords for Windows Phone 7 is getting an update in order to read the new backup files with enhanced security which are created with Passwords 8. This should also be available within this week
  • Passwords8 for Windows Phone 8 is rolling out this week. It is optimized for Windows Phone 8 and slightly redesigned to fit with the Windows 8 App and  also supports skydrive sync. It will reach the App Store within this week.
  • Passwords for Windows Phone 7 is getting another update to also Support skydrive sync (end of this year)
  • Passworsds for Desktop is also getting an update to create and read the new backup files and Support skydrive sync as well (end of this year)


  • News Reader for Windows 8 will be available in 1-2 weeks. It will Support reading of most RSS and Atom feed formats and it will be the fastest Reader in the app store which does not require some seconds to navigate between master and Details!
  • EpGuides for Windows 8 is expected to be awailable at the beginning of January 2013
  • ShoppingLists for Windows 8 will come at the first season of 2013 as well as a new Windows Phone 8 companion






that’s the name of my new app for windows phone.
As the name suggests, it is a reader for www.epguides.com which includes some caching and a much faster access than using internet explorer. With the next version 1.1, you can search and browse through all or running episodes, see each episode and open a link to episode details. version 1.1 also introduces tile images as depicted.

epguides is free and financed by advertising. A future version may have a payment option to get rid of the banners.