Timers is free a Windows Phone 7 Apps that runs up to 3 timers at once, optionally in the background.

Before you rate this app, please notice that a timer runs backward from a starting value and thus you have to set this value first which is very ease to set by simply swipe any digit up or down.

The following video demonstrates it’s usage and how to enable timers to run in the background:



16 Responses to Timers

  1. discorax says:

    Works great

  2. tmiranda says:

    Simple, to the point, just what is needed! Nice app.

  3. scarlett says:

    Perfect app. Simple and you can set multiple timers at once

  4. Badger says:

    Works well. I just wish the alarm would go off if the app wasn’t open.

  5. Mark says:

    Updated version installed 8/3/2011 has these issues:

    It is now $0.99 whereas before it wss free. Was I charged to upgrade?

    New icon required soft reset to appear.

    Bugs and suggestions link causes error message and crash.

    In landscape, impossible to scroll down to set vibrator.

    Overall, update looks nice.

    • tgerbermcpd says:

      As far as I know, you never get charged for an up you have already purchased, even if it was once for free, as timers was.
      I cannot reproduce the bugs and suggestions crash, but I corrected the vibrator checkbox issue to be available with the next update which will be a middle update before the mango version which allows all timers to really run in the background and getting notified as well as an updating tile whith more informations).

  6. Mort says:

    I mentioned this in my review before I found this feedback link.
    When you give a timer a name and press the save button it doesn’t keep the name. You need to type the name and press the return key before pressing save. I don’t recall that sort of issue with other similar text entry boxes for other apps.

    • tgerbermcpd says:

      unfortunately I cannot reproduce this behavior. The code is designed to first update the text from the textbox to the model before saving and it works for me with the downloaded app from marketplace as expected. What phone do you use?

  7. Randy Fox says:

    Just bought the app. Very nice. However, I agree with Mort (Aug 5, above). On HD7, when I edit an existing timer — either changing the time or name — the edits are ignored unless I tap Enter or tap another field prior to tapping the Save button.

    Also, I teach yoga and meditation. Each hour has numerous segments, but each segment length may differ, depending on the group. The first segment can always be the same. The middle parts can be 5, 10, or 15 minutes long…depending. Then there is always a 10 minute rest period at the end. So, at the start I can begin the initial timer and select (and start) a middle timer, but then I don’t know how to make an ending timer fir the 10 minute rest. It’s too confusing to make several Rest timers. If linked timers are not possible, could it be possible to have a timer that alarmspaet way through?

  8. Randy Fox says:

    Suggestion: Add a LINK NAME field for each timer. If the field contains the name of another timer, that timer will be started automatically once the current timer finishes. This feature would be ideal for easily timing complex processes. I do understand that if Timer-A is for 5 minutes, and Timer-B is to follow A for an additional 3 minutes, then Timer-B could be set to 8 minutes and be started at the same time as Timer-A. However, this sometimes gets complicated when processes are 4 or more steps long. Also, when a middle step of a 3-step process can be 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes long, for example, it becomes necessary to create 4 separate end-step timers, using the current program. It makes much more sense, IMO, to have just one ending-step timer and have all the middle-step timer possibilities link to the one end-step timer.
    Suggestion: Create a new timer type called a GROUP timer. Group timers would just contain pointers to actual pointer names, allowing users to assemble timers into practical tasks/activities. Ideally, then, the Group would have the option to start all timers simultaneously or chained in sequence. This would offer users tremendous organizational power as well as convenience to “think like a user” instead of sometimes feeling forced to think like a computer.

  9. Randy Fox says:

    Been using this program daily. Very nice app, for sure. Professionally done, without a doubt. Two more suggestions, however. First, yesterday, when I started 3 timers simultaneously, as I set the phone down, I must have accidentally touched the screen — activating the Options mode of a timer. This resulted in a situation where the active timers did properly count down, but they did not trigger their alarm sounds at their zero points. Since I use this program professionally, it created an embarrassing, unprofessional situation. Now that I know this quirk, I will be extra careful, but it would be nice to have active timers ring at zero regardless of whatever else the program is doing. Second, the orientation of my screen keeps changing to Landscape when I set it down (HTC HD7). Any chance you could force this program to always remain in portrait mode?

  10. Randy Fox says:

    Please add a way to change the displayed order of timers. I have so many timers that scrolling and selecting which ones I want to use together sometimes gets a little confusing. Thank you for any help.

  11. Randy Fox says:

    Actually, in regards to most of my suggestions above, I owned a wonderful app for my WinMo PDAs, back before touch-screens. TimeKeeper would allow me to create little timer data files, with descriptive names like “Veggie Soup”, “X-Training Workout”, “Meditation-Short”, “Meditation-Long”, “Speed-Date Timer”, …
    Then TimeKeeper would let me scroll through this list of timer-activities. That way, only the individual timer-segments related to my current activity were shown.
    Oh, and BTW, TimeKeeper would allow one-button simultaneous timer starts, timer chaining, and timer chaining with auto-loop upon reaching the end of the last timer. Plus, all individual timers could be set to count-down/stop, count-down/count-up, count-down/loop.
    I’m just offering ideas I feel might make a very good program, great. Thanks for listening. I’ll shut up now.

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