Shopping Lists

 Shopping Lists is a Windows Phone 7 app to easily create shopping lists for different stores with different items and different categories. When creating a list, you can choose wether to keep all items in the list when you complete your shopping tour in order to reuse all or parts of them on your next shopping tour instead of entering all items again, or you can choose to delete all items in the list but keep only the categories. The latter scenario is usefull for shops like media, where you don’t always buy the same things.

Shopping lists has a very fluent metro interface with fast page transitions and animations for a better user expierience. Opening a lists is very fast without notifying a delay.

In order to exchange Lists with your Pc, you need to install PhoneExchangeService which is available for free here:
PhoneExchangeService is a windows service which exposes a WCF REST service to allow not only shopping lists, but any WP7 app to exchange files between the hosting Pc. Depending on the app, it can be used either a public folder or a private folder which is secured with a 128bit key. The service only exposes either the public folders or the private folder of the app if the key is known but no other files or folders on that pc. The root folder is c:\Users\Public\Documents\ExchangeService.

New in version 1.1 (soon available on marketplace):

  • feature to decide wether to keep or delete items in a list after completing shopping tour
  • improved scrolling behavior in lists (no distraction when a lists stops close to either end of the list)
  • animation when items are removed or deleted from a list
  • new import/export with pc functionality in conjunction with the freely available PhoneExchangeService.

20 Responses to Shopping Lists

  1. phon3Xx says:


    bei funktioniert das Backup einfach nicht. Es steht im firefox nur “Es wurde kein Endpunkt gefunden.”..

    Was mach ich falsch?


    • tgerbermcpd says:

      firefox sagt mir nichts. Wo ist der service denn installiert, und ist er in der service liste (ausfuehren-> services.msc) vorhanden und erscheint auch als gestartet?

    • Markus says:

      Hai zusammen, ich habe das selbe Problem “Es wurde kein Endpunkt gefunden”
      gibt es da schon eine Lösung?

      Lg Markus

      • tgerbermcpd says:

        liegt wahrscheinlich an Firewalleinstellungen.
        Nachdem Microsoft aber demnächst das Skydrive SDK veröffentlichen wird, werde ich entspr. alle meine Apps mit Skydrive backups erweitern. Das ist einfacher, als ein troubleshooting eines Servers (auch wenn’s nur ein PC) ist.

  2. BlackSheep says:

    It would be great if there where a Backup option with SkyDrive, not only with PC.

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Thomas, great app and I use it every day, wondering if there might be a live tile update in future that flips to show the number of items left on your shopping list? Thanks for the great work

  4. tgerbermcpd says:

    Good idea! I thought about that two and I really wonder why I didn’t already implement it with the last version.

  5. Jan G says:

    Like your app very much but I miss the option to sort categories according to shop layouts
    Jan G

  6. Jan G says:

    Hi Thomas,
    havs you stopped developing ShoppingLists? Nothing happens here and no new version has been released.
    Jan G
    Stockholm, Schweden

    • tgerbermcpd says:

      I am just currently working on Passwords Phone/Pc
      But ShoppingLists is indeed the next of my apps which gets an update.
      I already have a prototoype which features customizing the category order depending on the shop, Skydrive import/export, modified page navigation to support new mango features like pin to start, improved ui performance and more.
      I’m not offering quick and dirty apps so it takes time.

      • Dave says:

        Good news that there will be updates!

        My wife recently bought a WP7 so the first thing I installed for her was the Shopping Lists app. I was able to copy across the items and lists from my own copy of Shopping Lists (via the Phone Exchange service installed on my laptop) and this is great, but I’m wondering if the skydrive integration for the new version could have an option to synchronise lists, items and shopping tours across multiple phones? This would be a killer feature and would allow me to add an item to my own Shopping List and have it also show up on my wife’s phone. Not sure if its a feature that would be much in demand, but it’d be great for me!

      • Jan G says:

        Ok, I don’t want quick and dirty, fully agree with you. But still I am eagerly wating for category sorting and Skydrive (or other, preferrably automatic) possibility to sync with other WP phones. Hope to see the new release soon.

  7. tgerbermcpd says:

    When you backup or restore from skydrive, you inítially need to enter email and password which is not necessarily the email used on the phone. So you could create a common skydrive account in order to sync them with multiple phones.

  8. Moritu says:

    App stuerzt ab wenn ich mich nicht gensu an eine bestimmte Vorgehensweise halte.

  9. moritz says:

    Oft Anstuerze mit der Einkaufsliyte, Comment:Anwendung muss geschlossen werden

  10. gulix says:

    die app gefällt mir gut
    ich hätte da einen wusch, das man zu jedem produkt
    ein produktbild einfügen kann, ich habe ca. 600 produkte
    und habe zu jedem produkt auch ein bild, wäre toll wenn
    das als update noch kommen würde, danke mfg gulix

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