Sync your Phone with PC

In order to sync your windows phone with your pc or to backup and restore directly from pc, you need to install the pc version of passwords which you can install from here:!109&parid=9FC620448FCEEAA2!105&authkey=!ACzahxbBVIeHhDs

If you sync for the very first time, you should either delete you complete database from the phone or from the pc to ensure no duplicates.


11 Responses to Sync your Phone with PC

  1. Tony says:

    I’ve followed every suggestion to the letter and still can’t sync with my laptop. The error message I get when trying to restore is “not found”.

    • tgerbermcpd says:

      test if the sync service is running:
      a) on a browser on your pc enter the url “http://localhost:8000/PasswordsSync/ping/Test”
      you should get “Test response”. If not then the service is not running.

      b) on your phone enter the same url in IE but replace localhost with either your pc name or the ip of your pc
      if it does not return “Test response” then it might be a firewall issue.

      c) you can try b again by connecting your phone and your pc with an usb cable.

  2. Nigel says:

    I’ve just installed Password for PC and thought I’d leave some feedback for other Users and the developer that may be of some help. BTW I’m running Windows 7 & Windows Phone 7.5 (LG Optimus 7)

    I initially installed version V3. (the one named “Passwords.RC1.Setup at download URL listed above) but when I couldn’t get it to sync (suspect it just required the Firewall rule I latter created) I uninstalled this version (had to as it wouldn’t let me install over the top with the HotFix version) then installed the latter version called “Hotfix” on the download site ( )
    Everything is now syncing really well from PC to Phone – see more details below.

    My Environment when syncing:
    On PC:
    * Zune NOT running, PC & Phone connected via WiFi router.
    * MUST create a Windows 7 Firewall rule which allows listening by ANY program from ANY external source on TCP port 800.
    * On PC in Passwords program MUST go into Settings\Phone\Phone Synchronisation & Click “ON” (needed to do each time you launch program unless you enabled “Run at start up”)
    * To test (on PC) enter this URL in browser: http://localhost:8000/PasswordsSync/ping/Test
    You should get this response: “Test response“

    On Phone:
    Lauch Passwords then go to “Sync with PC” (press the “…” and this option should appear) the select “add pc” and enter a name (anything you like) and your PC’s IP address (leave other fields at default)
    After completing this step you should have the name you used listed – just press this and the phone should connect and sync.

    Question to developer:
    Can you give some guidance on the Fire wall rule – I would like to tighten it up if possible as I don’t like allowing ANY program to listen for traffic from ANY IP so I:
    1) Tried limiting it to C:\Program Files\tomssoftware\Passwords\Passwords.exe but sync fails as it uses “System” to listen on port 8000.
    2) Tried limiting to listen for traffic ONLY from my Phone’s IP address (both in local & remote IP setting in FW rule Scope tab) but this fails so have to set it to listen to ANY incomming IP. This is a strange one since I’d expect that since the traffic is comming from my Phone’s IP this should work.
    Any feedback on how I can tighten the FW rules would be good.

  3. Nigel says:

    To Developer:
    Forgot to mention that on the PC I do NOT have a “Passwords” program group in Start\All Programs so I had to pin the “Passwords 3.0” shortcut to my start menu.
    So you might want to check the setup script in the Hotfix version.

  4. Nigel says:

    Update re Firewall Rules.
    I didn’t realise that WIndows 7 has set my home WiFi network as “Public” so I have changed that to “Private” and can now tighten the required Firewall rule by enabling only “Private” on the Advanced tab. This means this rule will only open this port when I’m attached to my safe home network so that means I can leave in enabled rather than manually disabling\enabling it all the time.

  5. Dietmar says:

    my setup is working under following conditions:
    – Zune ist able to sync WP7 (LG-E900) through WiFi connection, no USB connection established
    – WP7 with latest Passwords software
    – Passwords pc version installed
    – be sure to run the pc version “as administrator”
    – be sure that on pc under “settings phone” port is “on” and Run at startup ist checked (port 8000)
    – keep pc version running “as administrator”
    – in WP7 the pc IP and port are correct
    – run synchronization on WP7
    – success

  6. Rob says:

    I got PW on my WP7 HTC Arrive phone to sync one time with my AVG firewall disabled on the PC directly connected to my router. After that – no luck.

    I’ve tried creating a rules in AVG opening up port 8000 both ways, even for all networks. If anyone knows how to get this to work with the AVG firewall, I will certainly appreciate it. I’ve owned Passwords ever since it first came out but have never used it because I’ve been unable to sync with either my laptop (wireless) or desktop (wired). I’ve installed the latest version (hotfix) on my PC’s.

  7. Gunter says:

    Ich habe versucht mit meinem Lumia 920 und Laptop Windows 7 zu synchronisieren, erfolglos. Gibt es grundsätzlich noch ein Problem mit der Verbindung von Windowsphone 8? Bitte um Hilfe.
    Gruß Gunter

    • Torsten says:

      Hatte, und habe, noch das gleiche Problem. Der USB Originalkabel Anschluss an meinem Desktop-PC mit Windows XP SP3 und allen aktuellen Updates verlief einwandfrei. Hier wird mein Lumia 920 als Wechseldatenträger im Explorer erkannt- angezeigt und ich kann per Drag&Drop Dateien hin und herschieben. Ich habe noch ein Netbook (Aspire One D15) von Acer das auch mit Windows XP SP3 und allen aktuellen Updates versehen ist. Dort allerdings, wird der Lumia nicht als Wechseldatenträger – sondern als Camera erkannt und die Installation schlägt fehl. Habe schon alles ausprobiert und alle gängigen und unnützen Tipps aus dem Web versucht – ohne Erfolg. Hab mich zu Nokia Support per E-Mail gewandt und bekam drei Tage später Meldung zurück, dass das nicht am Lumia liget ( was ja auch stimmt, sonst wäre am Desktop PC ja des selbe Problem) sondern am betreffenden PC selber. Ich kann mir nur erklären das es beim Acer Aspire One D15 nicht geht wegen der vorgeschalteten werkseigenen Q-Partition von Acer. Glaube das partitionierte Festplatten mit vorgeschalteten versteckten Partitionen da beim Anschliessen des Lumia 920 Probleme bereiten und die Erkennung als Wechseldatenträger verweigern.

  8. lothar says:

    The PC do’s not find the phone (lumina920)

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