Bug in Passwords does not allow to edit/create a password or open the sync settings

I was searching a very long time to reproduce this bug.

The reason is, that there are 2 localized resources missing in the us-EN resource file, although they are in the xaml by default!

Until the update is available, there is a simple hotfix do make it work:

Just add german as a secondary language:

=> Control Panel/Clock, Language, and Regions/Language
Because I have these two languages installed, it always worked for me.

Just an example:

<Button x:Uid=”RemoveButton” Content=”remove” MinWidth=”100″
Margin=”-4,20,0,0″  Background=”{StaticResource AccentBrush}”   />

What was missing here is a RemoveButton.Content key in the en-US resources with the value “remove”. It was only present in the german de resource. If you have a secondary language, it is first looking at the English resource, and then on the secondary resource (de). If it is missing, It does not even produce an exception but simply does not navigate to the page with the missing resource key!


btw… the WP8 update that introduces WiFi sync  is also on it’s way…


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