The new update for Windows 8 is available which introduces sync over your local network together with other new features and optimizations.

The update for WP8 which also enables local network sync is now ready to be submitted. Since the WP8 update requires a new SkyDrive key format (base64), I had to wait until the W8 update is out.

I also noticed a bug with the W8 update which does not allow to create custom fields as described, but the update for the update is already waiting…


If I have time, I will also update the WP7 version for SkyDrive/Peer sync, but I cannot promise. You still can sync with W8 using backup and restore over SkyDrive or by using the free Windows App (not the Windows Store App).



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5 Responses to Passwords

  1. mohd nor says:

    On windows phone 7 – everything fine. On win 8 – “add new password” button and “edit” button not working. And what “now” button is for?

    • tgerbermcpd says:

      hello, the now button is for history changes. if you changed a password, you see also other timelines.
      the now button then is the most actual version.

      I’m currently analyzing the bug with the add and edit buttons not working.
      Unfortunately, I could never reproduce this issue, but it’s reported by several people.
      As soon as I have the reason, I’ll provide an update.

  2. bromose says:

    Just installed the new update, and it’s not possible to edit existing entries and can’t synchronize or enter the sync setup

  3. bromose says:

    Tried to uninstall completely and reinstall… now not possible to create password, enter sync info, sync or anything…. what has happened ?

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